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#1 tarafından angliaog 30.09.2015 - 10:23
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Photoshop parody beauty http://coliboer.pagina.gr/blog_0.html ads reveal how much photos are digitally altered

We're all aware that photoshop is used liberally in fashion and beauty marketing campaigns but many of us don't quite know to what extent digital manipulation is used on womens' bodies.

Anna slope, a student at east carolina school, set to find out the quantity photoshop is used in ads and the results are startling.

One of the images show a side by side comparison of a woman's face before photoshop was applied.The altered image altered her face so much that she look almost unrecognizable:Hair and eye white wines are brightened, eye shadow and mascara are applied, skin is delicate and pore free, eyebrows are completed and nose is slimmed down.

Hill posted the photos to reddit which have gathered more than 200 comments a little time back two days.

Hill also warned the huffington post:

"I thought it would be fun to poke fun at how much beauty ads are overly altered.They are really altered so much, they may as well be advertising photoshop instead of the products they actually sell,

The images highlight the very real problem that many girls and women believe that the models and celebrities in marketing campaigns are as perfect in the photo as they are in real life.

The good news is, women like anna are educating women on the concrete realities of photoshop.

Glamour chops off kristen's armwhen elizabeth reaser(Unclearly)Posed on the duvet cover of glamour's november issue, she too fell victim to the illustrator madness.The http://coliboer.propertybuzzer.info/ likely cute photo is ruined by a strange choice to cut off half of her arm(Which somehow fades away into her leg).

The distinct vs model's ribcagein the ad, victoria's secret model lais ribeiro stands together along with your ex torso bent at an angle, but from our impression, it compares with vs spliced two halves of two separate photos together to create one model, bisected by her fingers.I believe way any human can have that whittled a ribcage, the right way?Most effective?

Drew barrymore's too skinnywe be sure that drew has some sexy curves.From anywhere by by are her hips?

Behati prinsloo's omitted toeswhen we first saw these photos of namibian model behati prinsloo for juicy couture's fall 2012 jean line, we required to see signs of photoshop in prinsloo's arms, torso effectively as hips.We http://coliboer.bloggersdelight.dk/ were happy to see that is not actually looked pretty natural, until we realised that her left foot in this photo is wonky and she's missing several toes.

Oh yeah, annnot only did ann taylor attend a few inches off of a model's waist, the brand's website by mistake revealed the"Up to now"Hit, through a tech glitch.Those"Forward"Is your left, and moreover ann's"Improved upon"Version is on the particular.

Alloy's adjustable rate mortgage mishapoopsies, this model lost her funny bone when the folks who were editing alloy's catalogue released this photo.

Gwyneth's amazing posegwyneth paltrow is a women of many advantages, but her pose in this terry richardson shot seems crazy.

Tattoo be gonegrazia airbrushed one of megan fox's tattoo designs off her april cover.The tattoo that faded?The friedrich nietzsche refer to: "And those who were seen dancing were deemed insane by those who could not hear the music, abd then your little dog, extremely!We know ralph loves to retouch his models, but can't he leave the family pets alone?We're guessing that's an entirely new head on the dog wearing a polo and was just dropped into the image on the right.

Dropped thumbsin this jarring ann taylor loft photo of linen twill shorts, the model usually have a thumb emerge directly out of her arm, above the arm.

(Loft http://blog1.de/coliboer/ shot)

Free people's small boobthis just shows how ads mess up women's perceived image of what the"Killer"Person is.This model had perfectly fine sized breasts but either free people or karma loop decided to improve model's right breast, and then promptly forgot to give another one the extra lift.

The magical shrinking headnatalia vodianova's july 2012 cover for gq russia has the model all out of amount.And her hair outwardly carved out with the"Lasso"Tool on photo shop.

M.Crew's bizarre pantsin this j.Staff ad, someone went a little crazy with the photoshop and left some very worthwhile thigh cut outs.

Only half of a bikemaybe this model is super talented and rides some form of unicycle contraption.We holds barred it.This will be a case of horrible photoshop.How could neiman marcus have assumed that this model's backside could cover up everyone in your half of a bike?

Pink hazejessica alba is most up-To-Date victim of over enthused retouching, for june 2012 cover of marie claire.Your complete cover seems washed in a bright pink haze, then one seems a little robot y about it to us.Maybe it's the direction they did her hair?Peek ma, no calves!In this printed ad from an italian hair care line, the female model's legs appear to have gone missing.Or maybe the male model's biceps http://coliboer.mex.tl/blog_0.html are so big they conceal them?

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